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Welcome to my first aid site. I'm a first aid trainer and assessor. I've been teaching first aid for about 10 years now. Everyone should have some first aid knowledge for in the home and work place. Not everyone has the chance to attend a full first aid course so I'll provide some key first aid points every week.

Important Notice

The information on this site is for guidance only. The first aid procedures are those in the current edition of the First Aid Manual at the time of inclusion on the site. Attendance on a first aid course to practice these procedures is always recommended.

Welcome to FirstAid4Free

A tiny piece of housekeeping I have so far neglected - the firstaid4free small print:

About this Blog:
FirstAid4Free is a free guidance source for use in the home and work place. It gives details of the first aid procedures recommended by the Voluntary Aid Societies of the United Kingdom at the time of inclusion on this site. First aid procedures are continually being updated and refined - I will endeavour to keep FirstAid4Free updated too, but I recommend you consult the current edition of the First Aid Manual to get the latest 'accepted practice'.

Firstaid4Free is not a substitute for proper hands-on first aid training by an experienced trainer. I always recommend that you attend an HSE accredited first aid course if you have the opportunity.

Sponsored Entries:
Please note that FirstAid4Free may occasionally include sponsored entries. I will endeavour to write all sponsored entries in a tone which reflects my true opinion of the subject - advertisers please be aware of this before you submit your proposal. Sponsored entries will always include the words 'advertisement' or 'sponsored post'. I hope that these posts do not detract from your enjoyment of my other posts.

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If you find any of the information on this site useful you are free to reproduce and republish it elsewhere on condition that you acknowledge and provide a back link to FirstAid4Free.