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Welcome to my first aid site. I'm a first aid trainer and assessor. I've been teaching first aid for about 10 years now. Everyone should have some first aid knowledge for in the home and work place. Not everyone has the chance to attend a full first aid course so I'll provide some key first aid points every week.

Important Notice

The information on this site is for guidance only. The first aid procedures are those in the current edition of the First Aid Manual at the time of inclusion on the site. Attendance on a first aid course to practice these procedures is always recommended.

Brazilian food to fight cancer cells

A recent study by the University of Florida has added to the turmoil that surrounds the Brazilian acai berries. The study is one of the first to research the many claims. Assigned to the acai fruit. In its study, six different chemical extracts were made from pulp acai berries, and each extract was prepared in seven concentrations. At least four excerpts have killed a large number of cancer cells when applied for 24 hours or more. Anywhere from 35% to 86% of cancer cells were Destroyed, according to the extract and concentration. According to Stephen Talcott, an assistant professor at UF 'Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences , the study showed extracts acai berries triggered a backlash self-destruct (apoptosis) up to 86% of leukemia cells tested. Dr. Tim devoted 15 years to building one of the first foot and ankle surgery practices in the nation, for better VISIT Thai Mangosteen & Brazilian Acai.

Talcott, however, cautioned against too much in the reading of the results, noting that the tests were conducted against cancer cell cultures and not on human subjects. Yet The results are exciting. Over the past year, the Brazilian Bay has really taken off in the United States. He also drew the attention of many companies that are now. The creation of products that include the acai berries.

Although, acai berries are regarded as one of the fruits of the richest sources of antioxidants, fruits rich in antioxidants have been shown to kill cancer cells in the same Surveys. Antioxidants are substances that may protect cells from damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. Free radical damage is theorized. Being one of the main causes of cancer. A sufficient amount of antioxidants are thought by many short-circuit this process of stabilization and interact with the free radicals and can stop the damage they are doing to ensure that healthy cells.

Tips on how to hire a babysitter

Who to entrust your child’s wellbeing to when you need someone to look after your child is a difficult choice. Finding friends of family and family itself is usually the option most parents choose. However this is not possible for all parents. Here are some good tips for hiring a babysitter.
  1. Check their resume. Look for someone with a checkable background who has experience in dealing with children. If they don’t have a resume or references then unless they have done this line of work before then don’t hire them. They might not realise what they are letting themselves in for and realise too late they have bitten off more than they can chew. Babysitting is not as easy as some believe!
  2. Follow up checking their references and make sure they are genuine. E-mail or phone to confirm the details given.
  3. Conduct an interview - ask relevant questions that you feel are important to you and the care of your child.
  4. Make sure you make clear rules and that they understand them. Let them know if it is acceptable to use the phone, the computer and also whether they are allowed to have someone else with them.
  5. Look for someone with experience – this will give them a checkable background. They may cost more but what price is the safety of your child?
  6. Look for someone by ‘word of mouth’ this means getting a babysitter that has been recommended by someone whose judgement you can trust.
  7. Make sure you leave the babysitter contact details. A mobile phone number is a must – make sure you let them know that you will not be upset if they contact you. Also leave the name of the place you are going to be and another contact number just in case you do not hear your mobile phone.
  8. Ensure that all emergency contact details are left in a suitable location. This includes the name of your GP and any other family contact details that you deem necessary.

Celebrex Side Effects

The drug Celebrex is used for anti-inflammation. It is normally used for arthritis, but in many cases the dosage may be strong. A lot of people may not be able to handle the strength of the drug. Some of the main side effects could be pain in the kidney, hemorrhage in gastro intestines and it could even lead to death. If you are being treated with the chronic condition, and the dosage is high, you are most likely to face side effects without any warning.

If it is used for joint pains, then there could be dizziness and nausea as well. Sometimes you could experience chest pain also, and the side effects could begin to show within one hour of consumption. Sometimes this is prescribed for smokers who have quit smoking, and they may experience pain. It could possibly show some anxiety because of using this drug.

You can also experience insomnia and visions as well, if it is taken for post surgery relief. When used for a slipped disk also you will feel a lot of anxiety. Some users have even complained of bloated abdomen, acne, and indigestion as well. The side effects vary when taken for different disorders. This must not be consumed with alcohol, as the stomach may begin bleeding.

The dosage must be monitored so that you can keep a check on the side effects. You should also not consume more than what is prescribed, and also with certain other medications. Though it might be a great pain reliever, a lot of side effects will be noted within a few hours, depending on the age of the person as well as the condition it is being used for.

This must not be consumed without a doctor’s prescription as a lot of the dangerous Celebrex side effects can be caused.

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According to the US Standing Committee on the Scientific Evaluation of Dietary Reference Intakes magnesium depletion can be a major contributor towards muscle cramps. It's also believed that magnesium supplements can offer pain relief to migraine sufferers and can positively affect insulin action and glucose metabolism.

Magonate is a dietary magnesium supplement. The product combines the convenience of a liquid (easy administration, flexible dosages) with the extra benefits of a gluconate (efficient absorption, greater bioavailability).

Magonate is available from a good selection of online retailers and pharmacists shops. If you visit the Magonate website and complete the simple form, you'll receive further information and discount vouchers towards your purchase.

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Lockerixchange is your one stop shop for all your home and business storage requirements. They stock a mind-boggling array of metal lockers, plastic lockers and storage cabinets. Correct storage of equipment around the work place may be a statutory requirement under local health and safety legislation. I know from personal experience that it's a nuisance having to clamber over items of clutter because they aren't stored in their proper place - it's also difficult to find things if they aren't stored correctly.

Lockerixchange also have a selection of vented and designer lockers, suitable to grace any changing room. If space is of a premium, may a modular locker system might be the way to go. A good choice of locker accessories are available to keep your purchase in tip top serviceable condition.

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LiveLifeOrganic is an online supplier of organic products. Browsing through their product range I see they have a fine selection of organic food and organic skin care products. They also have a range of organic vitamines suitable for people of all ages. They have a great deal on folic acid tablets at the moment. Folic acid is thought to be particularly benefitial to pregnant women. Other organic health products include liquid vitamins, which are a useful alternative to using handfuls of tablets every day and can be easily mixed with fruit juices and a specially formulated teen vitamin supplement.

Currently any order over $100, payable by a range of convenient methods, are dispatched with free postage in the US. There's also the peice of mind of online support and a comprehensive returns policy.

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Quick Review: Nutritional Supplements

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Shopping.com have a great range of nutritional supplements to suit all sorts of diets and lifestyles. Whether you're just trying to lose a few pound, keep yourself trim or are making a conscious effort to improve your lifestyle they're certain to have a supplement of benefit to you.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, a bit like me, then their Natrol Melatonin Liquid could be just the tonmic you need to help you relax, unwind and drift off to the peaceful night's sleep. Something else that caught my eye was the Rice Bran by Now Foods - a highly nutritious and tasty way of increasing your dietary fibre and keeping your intestinal tract nice and clean. I hear lots of people talking about the virtues of fish oil - a source of essential vitamins and minerals which keep your bones and joints supple. They also have a range of fine Nowegian fish oils if you'd like to explore these benefits yourself.

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There's an increasing trend for people to head towards natural health solutions these days. I think this is partly due to increased awareness about the environment, animal testing and alternative medicines. One company that's jumped on the natural goodness bandwagon is Oasis Advanced Wellness. The four year old business aims to provide safe and non-toxic solutions to your everyday health problems. The homepage is currently sporting their intraMax organic liquid vitamin supplement and UV natural sunscreen. If you want to wipe the slate clean and start a new healthy lifestyle you can detox by using their Mag O7 digestive tract cleanser.

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Quick Review: Methods of Healing

Before and after.

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As most people will know smoking is a dirty, disgusting, filthy affliction which is only surpassed by leprosy as far as I'm concerned. Every draw on a cigarette fills a smoker's lungs with hundred of carcinogenic chemicals the constant erosion of which can quite easily come to haunt you in later life. Every time a smoker exhales their noxious cocktail they are doing untold damage to innocent non-smokers who just happen to be nearby. It's not good, but I'm told it's damn addictive and a difficult habit to break - the trick is not to begin in the first place.

If you happen to be a smoker and want to escape from future years are breathlessness and lung disease there might be an answer with Nicocure. Nicocure is a herbal mix that claims to help smokers with nicotine addiction, withdrawal symptoms and nicotine intoxication (whatever that is). If you order Nicocure you'll also receive a free e-book and hypnosis audio track to help you on your journey to quit smoking. Might be worth a shot if the nicotine patches don't work.

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Foreign Object in the Ear

If a foreign object becomes trapped in the ear it can cause temporary deafness by obstructing the ear canal. If the object goes deep into the ear it may damage the ear drum. Young children in particular like to experiment by pushing objects in their mouth, nose and ears. Sometimes insects can fly or crawl into the ear and cause alarm.

Pain in the ear.
Sensation of ear being blocked.

Prevent injury to the ear.
In the case of a live insert: remove insect from ear.
Other obstructions: do not attempt to remove the object.
To get the casualty to hospital if you're unable to remove the object.

In the case of a live insect: Tilt the casualty's head to one side with the obstructed ear uppermost. Try and 'float' the insect out of the ear by gently flooding with luke warm water.
In the case of other obstructions: Pad over the ear and seek medical attention. Don't attempt to remove and object stuck in the ear.

Quick Review: Benatural

Benatural is an indispensable electronic guide to alternative medicine. It is a concise information resource, which explains about a wide range of vitamins, minerals, diets, herbs and alternative therapies. It doesn't try and sell and there are no advertisements - just solid, impartial comment about the ever increasing range of natural remedies out there.

If, like me, you want to lose a few pounds of weight but don't know where to begin then there is a very useful article on dieting and weight loss. Particularly interesting is the piece about the South Beach Diet, which concentrates on 'good fats' and 'good carbs' from natural sources like nuts, grains and pulses. There is a baffling array of essential trace metals and other minerals that feature in everyone's diet. If you don't know your Cobalt from your Copper, both essential trace metals in the diet, than Benatural is the place to go.

Alternative therapies are another area covered by Benatural. There are articles explaining the finer points of homeopathy, colour therapy, meditation and reiki to name but a few. If you want to enjoy a natural diet and a healthy lifestyle then Benatural is a good site to guide you on the way.


Fainting is a brief loss of consciousness caused by temporary reduction of blood flow to the brain. It can be caused by pain, exhaustion, lack of food and stress. Fainting often occurs after long periods of inactivity, when blood has pooled in the lower body and isn't fully reaching the brain. When a person faints their pulse becomes very slow, but this quickly returns to normal as they recover.

  • A brief period of unconsciousness.
  • A slow pulse.
  • Pale, cold and clammy skin.
  • To improve blood flow to the brain.
  • To reassure and make he casualty comfortable.
  • If the casualty feels faint ask them to lie down (before they fall). Kneel next to them and raise their legs, supporting their ankles on your shoulders. Alternatively support the legs on a chair etc.
  • Make sure the casualty gets plenty of fresh air by opening a window etc.
  • As the casualty recovers gently get them to sit up gradually. If they feel faint ask them to lie down once again.
  • Be prepared to resuscitate if the casualty stops breathing. In this call for an ambulance quickly.

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Paglialunga & Harris is a top Seattle and Washington DC law firm who specialise in personal injury claims. Since I've written a few articles about first aid and the law recently, I guess I've been targeted by these guys to talk about their services. I'm not into personal injury claims myself - I think all the hype in television commercials about 'where there's blame there's a claim' encourages people to find loose paving stones and deliberately trip over them Kamikaze style. However, even I recognise there may be times when someone is genuinely injured through no fault of their own and they require recompense to help them recover from their misfortune. If you're in the US and you fall into this genuinely needy category you might like to try these guys out. As their tag line says they're righting wrongs, rebuilding lives. How refreshing.

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Quick Review: Labor Law Posters

Essential safety information for the work place.

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A while ago I wrote about the legislation surrounding UK first aid training, certification and provision. What I didn't mention too much was the numerous health and safety posters that were available to supplement this information. It is a statutory requirement that some of these posters are displayed in the work place. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) are responsible for enforcement in the US. The Compliance Poster Company is a leading provider of OSHA posters to the US market.

They have a wide selection of informative safety notices to choose from, specially tailored to your line of work. This includes a range of industrial posters, office posters, safety training posters and human resource forms. Keeping right up to date with the latest work place risks CPC also have a range of training material about Avian Flu. Did you know it was mandatory to display choking safety notices anywhere food is served in 12 US States? No? Me neither, but CPC have just the right poster for the job. Many of the posters can be customised to match your own corporate identity.

Safety in the work place really is everyone's responsibility, so make yourself aware of the current regulations and keep on the right side of the law by displaying the right posters in the right locations.

Quick Review: Creatine

Creatine is an important organic acid that keeps energy levels high in muscle cells. It is found in vertebrates and keeps the ATP/ADP high ensuring there is lots of ATP available to act as fuel to hard working muscle cells. In the human diet most creatine comes from meat and fish but some is also generated by the liver itself. Using nutrition supplements containing creatine boosts the level of this important chemical in the body and can help it to work more efficiently during exercise. This extra creatine can be particularly beneficial to people on a vegetarian diet.

There are many inherited medical conditions where the cellular levels of creatine are severely depressed. Because of this there is increasing interest in the use of creatine as a therapy for muscular, neurological and neuromuscular diseases like arthritis, congestive heart disease and mitochondrial disease. Creatine really is an essential part of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Abdominal Pain

Pain the abdomen usually has a minor cause like mild food poisoning, although it can be a sign of underlying problems with organs in the abdominal cavity. Distension (widening) or obstruction of the intestine causes colic - when the casualty feels waves of pain, often making them double up in agony and vomit. If the appendix or intestine ruptures the contents can leak into the abdominal cavity, giving rise to the very serious painful condition peritonitus.

It is for this reason that appendicitus, inflammation of the appendix, requires urgent medical attention. Appendicitus is characterised by pain in the centre of the abdomen which may move to the right with time, nausea, vomiting, bad breath and fever.

  • The casualty complains of abdominal pain.
  • To relieve pain and discomfort.
  • To get medical aid if necessary.
  • Make the casualty comfortable. Prop them up if breathing s difficult. Provide a vomit bowl.
  • Give the casualty a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel to place on their abdomen.
  • If the pain is severe or occurs with fever and vomiting call a doctor. Do not allow the casualty to eat, drink or smoke in case hospital treatment is needed.

Diabetes Mellitus

In Diabetes Mellitus (DM) the body fails to produce sufficient amounts of insulin, the hormone that converts blood sugar to stored glycogen. Diabetes Mellitus comes in two varieties - insulin dependent (IDDM) and non-insulin dependent (NIDDM). Traditionally these were also know as Juvenile Onset and Mature Onset respectively, but because of downward trends in diet and lifestyle NIDDM can now occur at a much younger age. Those with IDDM have to have regular injections of insulin, whereas those with NIDDM are treated by oral medication and dietary control.

In DM the blood sugar (BS), which has a normal value around 4 - 6 mmol/litre, is either raised due to too much sugar/not enough insulin (hypergycaemia) or lowered due to not enough sugar/too much insulin (hypoglycaemia).

If a known diabetic casualty appears unwell and you are unsure if they are hyper- or hypoglycaemic give them sugar - this will rapidly correct hypoglycaemia and will do little harm in the case of hyperglycaemia.

Hyperglycaemia (BS too high):

  • Recent history of eating excessively.
  • Casualty is thirsty but not hungry, may vomit and may urinate excessively.
  • Breathing is rapid.
  • Breath smells fruity/sweet
  • Pulse rapid and weak.
  • Skin warm and dry.
  • Casualty does not usually have a seizure.
  • Casualty appears drowsy.
  • Symptoms usually develop gradually.
  • Arrange urgent medical treatment for the casualty.
  • Dial for an ambulance immediately.
  • Monitor the casualty's breathing, pulse and level of responsiveness.
  • Be prepared to resuscitate if the casualty stops breathing.
Hypoglycaemia (BS too low):

  • History of under eating, missed or irregular meals.
  • Casualty is thirsty but not hungry, doesn't (usually) vomit and urinates normally.
  • Casualty is disoriented and acts unusually.
  • Breath smells normal.
  • Pulse rapid and strong.
  • Skin pale, cold and clammy.
  • Casualty may have a seizure.
  • Casualty rapidly loses consciousness.
  • To raise the casualty's BS.
  • To get medical help if necessary.
  • Help the casualty to sit or lie comfortably. Give him/her a sugary drink, sugar lumps or anything else sweet. Alternatively, some diabetics carry a glucose gel for use in a 'hypo' - help them to use this.
  • If the casualty responds quickly give more food and advise the casualty to rest until they feel better. Advice him/her to see their own doctor even if they feel fully recovered.
  • If they do not respond look for alternative causes.
  • Monitor the casualty's airway, breathing and responsiveness.
  • If the casualty is unconscious place them in the recovery position and dial for an ambulance.
  • Be prepared to resuscitate if the casualty stops breathing.

First Aid Regulations

Mr Justice First Aid - not to be confused
with a poorly dressed transvestite.

This article relates to UK law. If you are elsewhere, you are advised to check local rules.

One of the main concerns that people express on my first aid courses is the fear of litigation if they carry out their first aid wrongly in the heat of an emergency situation. Some of my students have even expressed their intention to turn a 'blind eye' to an injured person in the street for fear of being accused of some sort of wrong doing. Very sad but a true indication of the nauseating 'ambulance chasing' culture that is now rife in the UK. Luckily, in English law (until Europe declare otherwise), there is the concept of a 'reasonable man' who performs reasonable actions in a given situation. First aid falls into this category - if you are treating someone sensibly, in the manner you honestly believe is best for them at the time, you should be okay.

In the workplace and at mass gatherings there is specific legislation that governs the first aid provision required. The first aid training providers are also closely monitored to ensure they deliver a consistent, high level of accurate training across the board.

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 place a duty on employers to make first aid
provision for their employees in case of illness or injury in the workplace. The Health and Safety Executive provide an Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) in relation to workplace first aid. The number of first aiders in a workplace is determined by a local risk assessment of the buildings and facilities. Every workplace is required to maintain a book recording the details of accidents (incident book). The following details are to be entered in to the incident book:
  • Full name and address of the casualty.
  • The casualty's occupation.
  • Date that the entry was made.
  • Date and time of the incident.
  • Place and circumstances of the incident.
  • Details of any injuries sustained and treatment given.
  • The signature of the person making the entry.
Mass gatherings:
As a result of the Hillsborough football ground disaster in 1989, when 96 football fans were crushed to death, new rules were implemented governing the provision of first aid at mass gatherings. The minimum requirements are:
  • One trained first aider for every 1000 people in attendance.
  • An approved and designated first aid room.
  • A doctor for events with more than 2000 in attendance.
  • A fully equipped ambulance, approved by one of the Voluntary Aid Societies or local NHS ambulance service, for events with more than 5000 in attendance.
The local licencing authority, eg. the local council, are responsible for ensuring these standards are implemented.

Training and certification:
Certificated first aid training must be carried out be either:
  • One of the Voluntary Aid Societies (St. John Ambulance, St. Andrew's Ambulance, the British Red Cross or the Order of Malta).
  • A private company that is registered and approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). That company should display their HSE registration number clearly on any certificate they issue.
  • The National Health Service.
That is not to say that reading the 'Layman's Guide to First Aid' isn't an acceptable method of learning first aid - just it couldn't be counted towards a full HSE first aid certificate (for use in the workplace).

There are four common types of first aid course on offer:
  • Basic First Aid (usually about 8 hours of training)
  • First Aid at Work (usually 36 hours of training)
  • First Aid at Work Requalification (usually 18 hours of training)
  • Appointed Person (usually about 4 hours of training)
There are other specialist courses in addition to these, but these are the big four. First Aid at Work (FAW) is also referred to as the 'Full First Aid Certificate'. As the name implies, you need FAW to act as a first aider in the workplace. You aren't really a proper first aider unless you have the FAW. The main aim of AP is to train someone about the administrative aspects of first aid - what they need in their first aid kits, where these should be placed, legal aspects and incident reporting. The AP course also provides some very elementary first aid training.

First Aid trainers, like me, are people who have held the FAW for several years, have teaching experience or qualifications (in my case I am an NVQ trainer and assessor) and are kept up to date with the latest first aid developments. Quite a lot of first aid trainers have other first aid related qualifications - I am trained at automated external defibrillation (AED). We also have to keep an up to date portfolio of our experience and undergo regular reassessment.