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Welcome to my first aid site. I'm a first aid trainer and assessor. I've been teaching first aid for about 10 years now. Everyone should have some first aid knowledge for in the home and work place. Not everyone has the chance to attend a full first aid course so I'll provide some key first aid points every week.

Important Notice

The information on this site is for guidance only. The first aid procedures are those in the current edition of the First Aid Manual at the time of inclusion on the site. Attendance on a first aid course to practice these procedures is always recommended.

Quick Review: lockerixchange

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Lockerixchange is your one stop shop for all your home and business storage requirements. They stock a mind-boggling array of metal lockers, plastic lockers and storage cabinets. Correct storage of equipment around the work place may be a statutory requirement under local health and safety legislation. I know from personal experience that it's a nuisance having to clamber over items of clutter because they aren't stored in their proper place - it's also difficult to find things if they aren't stored correctly.

Lockerixchange also have a selection of vented and designer lockers, suitable to grace any changing room. If space is of a premium, may a modular locker system might be the way to go. A good choice of locker accessories are available to keep your purchase in tip top serviceable condition.

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